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Oscar Toledo Esteva in the decade of the 70's, designer of the computers G1 to G11.

Oscar Toledo Esteva in the decade of the 70's, designer of the computers G1 to G11.
Oscar Toledo Esteva, Mexican scientist of zapotec origin, nominated for scholarship 1998 in humanities by foundation Rockefeller of the University of California, contestant for prize Prince of Asturias 1999, awarded with the Amalia Solorzano de Cardenas 2008 medal and Guendabinizaa medal (2011), developer of computation equipments with own technology and an endless number of software programs and other inventions; lecturer in UPICSSA, ENEP, UNAM, CBTI, ITESM, ITSSNP, ITS-Zacapoaxtla, ESIME, CCUJS, UVM, ITV, CECATI, CECAP&A, CBTIS, ITT, ITST, CONALEP, TESCO, UDV, ITSM, ITSCO, Universidad Veracruzana, etc.

Oscar Toledo Esteva is born April 21 of 1946 in Sidar, Oaxaca, in a station of workers of the railroad, near Juchitan City. First-born of Jose Toledo Orozco and Cecilia Esteva Martinez, inhabited a horizontal condominium for workers of the rail of railroads, the Zapotec is the language of the isthmus region, which was his maternal language.

In Sidar there was not school, his great-grandmother Mrs. Severa Luis Lopez (Na Severa Teo) that resided in Juchitan took him to live with her, she was the most famous cook and confectioner of the region. In Juchitan he studied the first school year until the third degree in the School Adolfo C. Gurrion of the fifth section, later the four to the sixth degree in the Central School of Juchitan.

When he studied the third school degree, in the afternoons, the students practiced manual works making toys with manual coping saws, using wood or fiber. Later he continued his work at home, builting tanguyú (toys of clay) that later cooked to obtain bigger hardness.

Since young it contracted the liking for the electronics, at 10 years-old it had already manufactured, with a box of shoes, some waste batteries, a focus of a hand lantern and a lens, a projector of transparencies and with it offered functions for his friends.

Oscar Toledo Esteva in 1970.

Oscar Toledo Esteva in 1970.

Master of the electronic craft, one of the most astonishing qualities of Oscar Toledo is to be completely autodidact. After abandoning the primary school in Juchitan, Oaxaca, he arrived to Mexico City in 1959, his previous knowledge of electronic and radio repair earned him quickly a good reputation in the repair shops that disputed him for being faithful to the work.

In 1969 while he repaired televisions and audio amplifiers, he already built digital logic modules to get ready for the previous phase in the design of a versatile computer and economic for productive tasks, capable of manage any peripheral.

In 1979 he finished his first computer, was an imperfect machine, but it was sufficiently good to allow the development of the twelve generation computer fifth version (G12V5), able to compete with the current commercial computers.

While the computer equipments to those that we are accustomed are developed in big companies, with engineers' staff granted a doctorate in the most prestigious institutions, Oscar Toledo Esteva works quietly and self-employed, supported, of course, by his family and with an indefatigable spirit of superation.

The computer generation 12 version 5 is the proof of the effort, the ethic and the devotion of a man and his family that has forged a way based on the traditional juchiteca's principles. A man that, on following his dreams, has demostrated that the true science must be at the service of all the humankind.

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Oscar Toledo Esteva durante la entrega de la presea Amalia Solorzano de Cárdenas. 15-mar-2008
The future is what we make today: Since 1970 the Familia Toledo Organization creates its own technology, and is the only organization on the planet that uses computers, operating system and browser, designed and built in its scientific research laboratory; because of his trajectory as an inventor in science and technology, our founder, the scientific Oscar Toledo Esteva was awarded with the Amalia Solorzado de Cárdenas medal, March 15, 2008.
Scientist Oscar Toledo Esteva receving the Guendabinizaa medal. May/24/2011
Scientist Oscar Toledo Esteva received a homage and the medal Guendabinizaa —zapotec spirit— for his brainchilds in the computers' field that extol human values and zapotec spirit's transcendence, from Fundacion Historico Cultural Juchitan A.C, it was given at May 24, 2011 by both the mayor and the Casa de la Cultura's director at Juchitan, Oaxaca. We have the right to be proud about this community's gratitude to our work based on the new knowledges.
Toledo Family with César Costa & Luhana Gardi
—Lo Bueno También Cuenta—, is a program transmitted to 478 cities by the TVC channel and radio, conduced by César Costa and Luhana Gardi. In march 3rd. 2004 they interviewed the Toledo Family, and presented to the audience the extense technology developed, some of the advances showed includes our new model of Educative Computer.


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Interviews and reports to Oscar Toledo Esteva and family.
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