USB (Universal Serial Bus)


Some USB & Firewire peripherals controlled by the G11V3 computer
Spypen microcamera
With our software, the microcamera "Spypen" downloads at instant all the photos, ready for printing.
Sony Handycam videocamera
Our software and the Sony Handycam videocamera with Memory Stick, views at instant all the high-resolution photos, ready por printing.
Microscope and pine sample
We developed an extraordinary software for using the Intel Play QX3 microscope, the images are captured with its original colour for forming a collection album or for laboratory use.
FlashGate dispositive from Hagiwara Sys-Com
USB FlashGate dispositive from Hagiwara Sys-Com, for saving and reading data from Smartmedia memories, with this objective, we created a tailored program, easily operated under the Fenix Operating System.
Videocamera with Firewire in & out
Firewire or IEEE-1394, call it as you wish, the excitement is that the G11 computer now edits, saves and prints DV videos (Digital Video), a new idea that works on the Fenix operating system, although Mac OS X and Windows XP are not invited to the party.
USB reader and writer for various solid-state memories.
Archive, view and edit at instant your videos, photos or data, in any format or silicon memory, only connect the USB adapter and G11 with Fenix Windows will take care of the rest, you don't need to install the CD-ROM required by the other operating systems.